Testimonial – John Lu

By inspiresa | In Testimonials | on October 9, 2011

John Lu

When I enquired about the course with John – the college principal of Inspire Academy, he gave me hope, excitement and vision of becoming a successful Personal Trainer. I decided to take my chances. Never did I think I will learn and grow so much and my life will only become better from there.

Throughout the course, I learnt a lot about all different aspects of becoming a great Personal Trainer. I realized it’s a lot more than just exercises and nutrition. Because the presenters also taught me how to develop my personality in order to become a great people person which is crucial in the Personal Training Industry. It’s also only after starting the course, I have also become a Muhammad Ali fan from John’s influence. Thanks John!!! HAHA!!!

After finishing the course, I went to work straight away as a full-time Personal Trainer. The wealth of knowledge and the practical exercises definitely gave me an edge. It allowed me to transform all of my clients beyond their wildest dream. I went from helping a lady to lose 30kg of her body weight in just 5 month to helping an overweight man with high blood pressure becoming the strongest and fittest person in my gym. Without the training I received from Inspire Academy, I could have never helped my clients achieving these astonishing results.

The support I received even after the course finished was superb. John and Jason would often give me a courtesy call to see how I’m going with my Personal Training and offer me advices. The school also gave me an opportunity to come back and sit through some of the classes again. Even at the second time around, the presenters never stopped amazed me with their wealth of knowledge and how I could improve my training techniques. With the great courage and inspiration from Jason and the classmates I was even able to bench press 100kg during our practical class. Thanks guys!

Now armed with the new knowledge, motivation and inspiration, I’m ready and excited to take on the world of Personal Training once again. Except this time, I know not only would I be able to meet all of my clients needs but also help and inspire them to transform into the best shape ever!

If you are seriously considering pursuing a career of helping people to get fit and healthy then look no further. Inspire Academy would help you realize your full potential; inspire you to become the best Personal Trainer you could ever be. The school will give you the support you need and cheering you on all the way to become the most elite Personal Trainer there ever is in the industry. I promise you the course will change your life and give you a bright future, just like it did for me.

Yours in fitness and strength, 

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