How to Become a Personal Trainer

Personal Training Courses Gold Coast, Become a Personal Trainer Gold Coast

For many, their dream career is to become a Personal Trainer. As a Personal trainer, you have a very rewarding career as you are helping people achieve the goals they want to achieve to help them in their life with health and fitness. Beginning this journey can be a difficult one as there are many […]

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Inflammatory Conditions and Nutrition

Inflammation can be good or bad, depending on the situation. On one hand, it’s your body’s natural way of protecting itself when you are injured or sick. It can help your body defend itself from foreign invaders, and can stimulate healing.   On the other hand, chronic, sustained inflammation in the body can be harmful. […]

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2 Minute Workout

No time to exercise?! We don’t believe you!   Waiting for the computer to load 20 push ups   Waiting for the kettle to boil 20 Jump squats   Watching the TV adverts 20 Push ups and 20 Jump Squats   Unloading the dishwasher Squat to pick up each item   Putting the food shopping […]

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