Do Carbs make you fat ?

Do Carbs make you fat

Do carbs make you fat ? After being in the fitness industry for 25 years I’ve heard constantly how carbs make you fat . Let’s have a closer look at this. Carbohydrates are predominantly sugar. Your brain needs Carbs to survive. We are also made of trillions of cells which create energy in a part […]

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Bone Strength

Your skeleton isn’t just a lifeless bunch of bones transporting around with us.! Your bones contain minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, and produce red and white blood cells . Bone strength is so important. Adults have 212 bones in their body , of course these bones grow from birth.  With strength training , osteoporosis […]

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Boxing for Fitness

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No matter what anyone says , pro boxers are the fittest of all athletes. which is why Boxing for fitness is an awesome way to stay fit. Tell me of any other sportsman who skip for 20 mins as a warm up!!.  That’s about 3000 skips at least and most people can’t do 30 without […]

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Benefits of Running

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Running is an awesome way to get fit . In fact it is probably the best way and below we can tell you some benefits of running. If you look at Elite athletes like boxers and soccer players, they run a huge amount in their training. Running is also a great fat burner. Of course […]

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The Pros and Cons of different stretching methods

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Static stretching is the best known form of stretching. While performing static stretching a relaxed muscle is brought under tension. This tension is maintained for longer periods of time (around 30 seconds) after which tension slowly decreases. Advantages – Effective in increasing ROM (range of motion) Disadvantages – Increased risk of injury when performed before […]

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It’s Marathon Training Time Again

Gold Coast Marathon Training Techniques

It’s Marathon training time again on the Gold Coast. Having run a few 42km ‘s myself , I know what it’s like to be part of such a great event. If you are running the 42km, then I would hope you have done the training , so it should be a matter of course. Here […]

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How to banish back pain

Banish Back Pain

I’ve been saying it for years but now a study has been done and scientists have come up with the conclusion that Regular exercise is the best way to treat back pain. The study has shown that stretching, muscle exercises and stamina training are far more successful at tackling lower back pain than other treatments. […]

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