Hello all, read on for part 3 of our benefits of strength training blog. There are so many benefits of strength training, not just for general population as a whole but specific people benefit in certain ways from strength training as well, there are different benefits not specifically discussed in this blog series for women, older people, athletes, disabled, pregnant women and children..

So here are some more benefits for you to peruse:

Strength training helps lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure and then control these

Your body shape will change as muscle is small, lean and hard, fat is lumpy, flabby, soft and big

Strength training can be more interesting than cardio so you are more likely to stick to it

Multiple studies have linked strength training to healthy brain ageing

You will have greater performance of everyday tasks

There are studies linked to prevention and fighting of cancer

You will be better in bed! – An all-around stronger body can boost stamina and give you extra energy when you need it most.

Hopefully what this information has shown you is that strength training is of paramount importance for everyone, no, you’re not going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger necessarily, if you’re female, you’re not going to look “roided up” and if you’re a child you’re not going to stunt your growth with correctly supervised and correctly programmed sessions.


Of course, strength training needs to be performed correctly, warm up the correct way, use correct mobility and flexibility exercises, perform safe and effective exercises for you or your client, utilise exercises that are going to aid in achieving the goals that are set out to be achieved, enlist the services or a fully qualified personal trainer to assist you.


All of these benefits of strength training plus precautions to take with strength training and of course correct technique and what exercises will be beneficial for you and/or your client are clearly explained in our certificate 3 and 4 in fitness course on the Gold Coast. Our face to face course will give you all of the tools necessary to become a personal trainer on the Gold Coast and a successful one at that!


Until next time, safe training 🙂

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