Reasons Why People Need a Personal Trainer

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Having a Personal Trainer sounds like a luxury, especially when people talk about “my trainer” in a bit of an arrogant way. However, having a Personal Trainer, for a lot of people, is really a NEED more than a WANT. Here’s some reasons why having a Personal Trainer is a great idea and why people hire the services of a PT:

From helping you reach your fitness goals and avoiding injury to figuring out how to exercise safely with a chronic condition,  hiring a personal trainer could be one of the best investments you can make in your overall health and well-being.


Most of us work harder in the presence of others. Having a trainer by your side can provide the encouragement, energy and motivation you need to jump start your routine. A trainer can also help you set goals, create a plan to accomplish them and celebrate the day you reach them.


Do you find it difficult to stick with a program or habit? A trainer can hold you accountable and help you overcome all the excuses you might use to avoid your commitment to exercise. It’s a lot harder to skip the gym when you know someone is waiting for you. Your personal fitness motivator is there, waiting for you to show up. You can’t just find excuses not to go to the gym when someone is expecting you! Plus, your trainer reminds you of your reasons for wanting to exercise, and helps you understand why it’s so important even when you feel as though you could talk yourself out of it!


Fitness can be confusing. There is a lot of information to sort through. Eat this, not that. Cardio before or after strength training? Your trainer can help you find credible information and provide direction on your fitness journey. A trainer can help remove the guesswork so you can put all your energy toward accomplishing your goals.

Avoid Injury

Ignorance and poor execution are common catalysts for injury. A knowledgeable personal trainer will improve your exercise execution and skill so that you reduce your risk for injury and get the most out of each activity.

Put the “Personal” in Your Training
A skilled trainer will assess your specific needs, injuries, health conditions or training goals (that 10km race you’re dreaming about, for example). The trainer will then develop a personalised plan with clear timelines and short-term achievement goals that will safely and effectively enable you to succeed.

When it comes to fitness, everyone is different. Your unique body mechanics, experience, goals, fitness level, likes and dislikes can guide your trainer in creating a plan that is specific to your needs. With a program that fits, you are more likely to maintain the habit and see results.

Sport-specific Training

Do you want to run your first 5K or prepare for a backpacking trip? Looking to shave some strokes off your golf game? Your trainer can design a fitness program specific to your sport, which will improve your performance and reduce your chance of injury during the event(s).

Training With Medical Conditions

Exercise is beneficial for preventing or managing many common chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. However, exercising with a medical condition requires additional precautions. A knowledgeable trainer with experience training clients with chronic conditions can design a program that ensures your safety and provides a positive exercise experience and will work alongside your medical professional if required.


Believe it or not, exercise can be enjoyable. A good personal trainer can make exercise both effective and fun. Group or buddy training can be a great way to increase enjoyment, make exercise social and attain the services of a trainer for a cheaper rate. And simply working with a trainer who you like and respect can be enough to provide you with more satisfaction from your workouts.

Personal Trainers are Inexpensive
It’s true! Most trainers will charge between $50 and $70 per session and many offer discounts if you buy a package of sessions. And what’s this worth to you?
Let’s say you purchase a four-session package at $70 per hour, which amounts to $280. Say you do one session per week, so your package is good for one month. Now, add up your luxury “feel good” monthly expenses for items such as clothes, shoes, cigarettes, dinners, alcohol, entertainment, etc. Is it more than $280? Most likely! Try cutting down a little (not completely) on some of these expenses and put some of your savings towards your health and future!

Variety and Creativity
Trainers are professionals who are well versed in making exercise “fun” and more interesting by offering a wide variety of creative exercises. Too many of us get bored with our gym routines and start finding reasons not to go. Keep it interesting!

Learn Life-Long Skills

The role of a personal trainer is to provide you with the right knowledge, resources, guidance, training, education and skills so that you can do “it” for yourself!  He or she is there to support you as you work towards enhancing the quality of your life now and in the future. Let your trainer guide you and teach you how to be your own personal trainer!

No Wasted Time = Maximum Results

There are two types of people who go to the gym:

1) Those who wander in, spend 10 minutes on one machine and then drift slowly over to another, before half-heartedly trying bicep curls for five reps and then walking out.

2) Those who have a plan in mind, and hit the machines with a purpose. They generally have a set amount of reps they do in sets of two or three, and they’ll know exactly what they’re doing on each machine.

With a personal trainer, you will train efficiently to get maximum results in the safest possible way.


When trainers study their fitness course, such as the one we have at Inspire Success Academy of Fitness they study certain subjects to help you achieve the results you are looking to achieve, such as nutrition, this is a compulsory module in cert 3 in fitness as well as in cert 4 in fitness. Some trainers may then decide to further their study in certain areas to help their clients more, like the Advanced Nutrition course we have at Inspire Success Academy of Fitness or a boxing course like we have at Inspire also, to help add variety to your training sessions.


So there you go, many reasons why a Personal Trainer is a necessity, not a luxury! When it comes down to it, the number one reason someone hires a Personal Trainer is Motivation!

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