Boxing is fantastic for getting fit. First of all it gets your heart rate up much quicker than a lot of other forms of exercise, it uses all 4 limbs if done correctly and is a great fat burner. The other things which are used in boxing which are often not even considered are agility, balance, co-ordination, reflexes and speed.

Agility is especially important as we get older to enable us to do certain things in normal life, such as, moving out of the way of an errant shopping trolley and then having the balance to stay on your feet once you have been agile enough to move

Co-ordination is essential in life as our brain is split in two hemispheres. You need to work both hemispheres of the brain as predominately, most people are one sided in what they do, usually the right, as in right handed. As a result they don’t get the chance to use the left side of the brain very often. Boxing totally ensures that you use both sides of the brain with hand and foot, to not only throw punches but to defend yourself with and either move out of the way laterally, backwards or even forwards to slip punches.

Reflexes are also increased as even in a light sparring contest was to take place, you have to learn how to move out of the way quickly, or block a punch quickly. This improves your reflexes.

It also increases your athletic ability, using muscles in a functioning way whilst burning off fat. Your heart and lungs are getting an  excellent workout which is what they are designed to do, which pumps blood and oxygen around the body pushing the nutrients in your blood into the cells of your body extremely efficiently.

Lastly, boxing is also a great pressure releaser, a lot of people hold in their negativity, this allows them to let it out. This could be in the form of punching a bag or focus mitts, not necessarily an opponent.

When you study cert 3 and 4 in Fitness on the Gold Coast or elsewhere, even online and become a Personal Trainer, this sort of fitness and training is going to be loved by your clients. It is also fun and that is part of why clients keep coming back to see you. At Inspire Success Academy of Fitness, we teach you basics of boxing training, punching, pad holding and movement as part of our Cert 3 and 4 in Fitness course as an extra and we also have a short course which goes for a day, for boxing and pad holding techniques incorporating a lot of other things so you have a certificate in this style of training.

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