Certificate 4 in Fitness Units


BSBSMB401 – Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business

SISXRSK301A – Undertake risk analysis of activities

BSBSMB403 – Market the small business

BSBSMB404 – Undertake small business planning

BSBSMB406 – Manage small business finances

SISFFIT015 – Work collaboratively with medical and allied health professionals

SISFFIT016 – Provide motivation to positively influence exercise behaviour

SISFFIT017 – Instruct long term exercise programs

SISFFIT018 – Promote functional movement capacity

SISFFIT019 – Incorporate exercise science principles into fitness programming

SISFFIT020 – Instruct exercise programs for body composition goals

SISFFIT021 – Instruct personal training programs

SISFFIT023 – Instruct group personal training programs

SISXRES001 – Conduct sustainable work practices in open spaces

SISFFIT013 – Instruct exercise to young people aged 13 to 17 years

SISXCCS003 – Address clients needs

SISSSTC301A – Instruct strength and conditioning techniques

SISSSTC402A – Develop strength and conditioning programs

SISFFIT025 – Recognise the dangers of providing nutrition advice to clients

SISFFIT026 – Support healthy eating through the Eat For Health Program


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