Why should you eat fruit and veg ??

By inspiresa | In Health, Health tips | on August 6, 2014

As it’s claimed five daily portions of fruit and veg aren’t enough, here is what the experts say…

For many cancer patients, it takes a life-threatening illness to start eating more of the fruit and vegetables that are vital for a long and healthy life.
That’s why the latest research into the amount of fruit and veg you should be eating is welcomed as it shows seven or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day cuts the risk of dying from cancer and heart disease.

Fruit and vegetables are nature’s way of keeping you healthy and they provide a far better guarantee of reaching a ripe old age than taking pills such as statins, which are so widely prescribed.
Plants contain cancer preventing compounds that help mop up the  dangerous free radicals we accumulate in our cells as we get older, causing DNA damage.

The simple truth is that when it comes to fruit and vegetables, you can’t have too many. That’s why cancer patients are told to cram as much in as they can.

Eating a minimum of seven portions of fruit and vegetables every day should easy, starting with blueberries with your breakfast through to broccoli with dinner.

In a generation, Australia has changed from a country in which  meat was a luxury to one in which fatty dinners and fast food are the norm.
The stress of modern living means we’re not prepared to take time preparing food any more, so instead of chopping vegetables, we stick a heavily processed dish in the microwave.
And while too many believe that the answer to a healthy life lies in a packet of pills, the secret is actually in your garden, on the supermarket shelves and behind your fridge door: fruit and veg !!

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