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We Are All Unique.

Everyone of us is different to each other with our own personality and ability to think, act and do thing with our own creativity and spontaneity.

However, something has happened to most humans to prevent us from being the totally unique beings that we are. I put it down to a kind of ‘mental conditioning’. This mental conditioning which controls most of us says “We go to school, learn subjects, we go to university, learn more subjects, then we get a job, then we retire.” All the way along that path we are controlled by others and we become sheep.

What if there were another way?

What if you were to break from the mould and create your own pathway and control your destiny – rather than let it control you?

Do you think that would be better?

If this happened in your career, then you could never be sacked that is for sure.

Of course, I’m talking about setting up your own business where you are ‘The Captain of Your Ship’. In this situation you can decide where you are going – you are not a passenger or a sheep – you are not just driving the bus, you own the bus.

Why are there so many successful entrepreneurs in the world?

People like Richard Branson and Donald Trump are hugely successful. Did they listen to their teachers at school ? I doubt it very much.,

Yes they took risks, but the difference between them and 99.99% of the population is that they enjoy the risk. The see business as fun, almost like a game.

Now I’m not suggesting that you should risk everything and set up your own personal training business with no thought and planning. But with the right mentality and real belief that you can be a success – all you need is drive, a good product, consistency and be fantastic at customer service.

Surround yourself with the right kind of people (who are also ‘Can Do It’ people) and you will be on track for success.

Remember, don’t be a sheep – be a leader not a follower!


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