Q. Is this course Nationally Recognised Training?

A. Yes. The Inspire Success Academy of Fitness use Synergy Central approved trainers and with your training being delivered by Synergy Central you will receive the highest standards required by the ASQA (The Australian Skills Quality Authority). Synergy Central is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO # 31486) and insist on only the best trainers to be associated with.


Q. What is the difference between qualification and registration?

A. A qualification in Certificate III and IV in Fitness is the formal training process that leads to competency based assessment in this field. This qualification is recognised throughout AustrBalls-Pose-M&F-2alia and internationally. Once all requirements are met, students will be issued with their Certificates.

Registration is the industry recognising the qualification. Students can then register with Fitness Australia, this is generally considered to be the industry requirement for employment.


Q. How long does my registration last?

A. Registration with Fitness Australia is valid for 2 years, during this time you must accumulate CEC points for ongoing registration. Your qualification is permanent, but Registration requires ongoing education and personal development.


Q.What makes The Inspire Success Academy of Fitness different?

A: At the Inspire success Academy of Fitness, we place a heavy emphasis on fantastic customer service, creating loyal customers and we spend a large amount of time working with the students on the sales aspect of personal training. Obviously this is not to the detriment of the other very important units which include anatomy and physiology and nutrition amongst others. Our main emphasis is, as our slogan says “Training for the real world” making sure that you will be fully equipped with all the tools required for success, not just a certificate to say that you are a qualified Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer. Our course includes as standard, many other extras which are above the course curriculum.


Q. Whats the difference between Certificate III and Certificate IV?

A: Certificate III in Fitness is the entry level qualification required for employment in the Fitness Industry. This allows an instructor to assess, write programs, teach and assist people with their gym programs.Certificate III is also the pre-requisite for Certificate IV.

Certificate IV is the higher level of qualification designed to increase the depth of knowledge and skills required for a one on one level of personal training. You will need to have your Certificate IV in Fitness to be eligible for Personal Training Insurance.


Q. What is my investment in the course?

A: The costs of our courses differ depending on which way you choose to study and which certificate you will do. Inspire Success Academy of Fitness has a very competitive price structure which includes a huge range of extra education that is above and beyond the course structure. Please call us on 07 5559 0623 to discuss this further.


Q: Do you have installment plans?

A: Yes. After your initial deposit can arrange a payment plan with you if necessary. Please speak with us and we can discuss a payment plan to suit.


Q: How is the course delivered and how long does it take?

A: With our tailored part time, face to face course, students receive training that will be delivered via a mixture of classroom hours and practical gym time. All practical and theory is inclusive within the course.

6 Weeks full time – 4 days per week or

12 weeks part time – 2 nights per week and every second Saturday.


Q: When can I start?

A: We have courses starting every few weeks so call us and we are sure to have a date available soon. If you are wanting to start straight away, we have a blended course that you can start today.


Q: What support will I be given during my studies?

A: During your time with us we will always be here to help with any questions that you have. You are welcome to make an appointment with a trainer to sit and go over your work or to cover work that you maybe did not understand. Our goal is to make you into a highly successful student and we will do all we can to help you achieve this.


Q: Will I be on my own once I’m qualified?

A. After you have finished the course, we have an on going mentoring program that basically means we will be there for you once you have finished the course as well. Any help that you need to find work, set up a business or prepare for interviews, we will be able to assist.


Q: What job opportunities are there for me once I’m qualified?

A: The Fitness Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia. With people being more aware of their health and fitness than ever, there are many areas of opportunities. There are opportunities for you to work in a gym, on your own as a Personal Fitness Motivator, a boot camp situation or many other areas. You can guarantee that if there are people there will be a need for fitness trainers.


Q: Do I need to be fit or an athlete to do this course?

A: You do not need to be an athlete to start a course or career in the fitness industry. You will obviously need to have a passion for the industry and we often find that our student say how fit they become just by doing our course. (due to all the practical sessions that we have) .With our course you will be provided with all the practical experience that you will require. We cover all areas including Personal Fitness Motivation, Gym situations and clients with specific requirements as well as children.

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