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General fitness is essential in everyone’s life. The fitter and more active we are each day, the healthier, stronger and happier we all can be. It also reduces our chances of becoming ill as fitness stimulates the entire body to work effectively.

 Unfortunately there are some illnesses that we can not avoid but others are brought on by our environment as well as our daily routine. Diabetes is one of these illnesses. There are two types of Diabetes, Type 1: Where the body doesn’t produce enough insulin and Type 2: Where the body produces enough insulin but doesn’t use it properly. Diabetes is a chronic condition in which there is too much sugar, or glucose in the blood. The sugar levels are kept at a normal level by a hormone called insulin. Insulin moves the sugar from the blood into the muscles to provide energy.ody to work effectively.

To help balance the sugar levels, a persons diet needs to be changed . An increase in carbohydrates is needed, but should be eaten in small regular meals throughout the day to prevent Hypoglycaemia –  A condition in which the sugar levels in the blood fall below normal. It is also important to look for foods that are high in carbohydrates but have a low GI Factor – The low GI Factor will allow the carbohydrates to be released over a longer time and therefore aid in the balancing of the sugar levels longer. The book “The GI Factor, The Glucose Revolution” is a great reference for further information on the GI Factor.

An increase in sedentary lifestyle, plus the increase in fatty and overly processed foods all lead to the onset of Diabetes, as overweight people can inhibit the production of insulin in their bodies due to the high levels of fat.  With the increase of technology in today’s society, people need to perform less and less physical tasks to get through each day and as such, a regular and supervised exercise plan is essential, especially in the case of people who suffer from Diabetes. There needs to be an increase in carbohydrates and physical exercise in the same proportions.

It is very important for Diabetics to walk and/ or run as much as possible each week to increase overall fitness and burn fat. Likewise a specific weights program is needed to increase the metabolism and the strength of the muscles and bones.

With controlled exercise and a change of diet, the effects of Diabetes can be largely controlled, but you should always seek a doctor’s advice each step of the way, coupled with the advice of your Personal Trainer.

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