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Obesity in a child is a serious situation that needs to be dealt with, not ignored.

Kids of all ages will enjoy their lives much more if they learn to eat healthy foods and to get plenty of exercise. If your child does not seem as happy as she could be, take some action that will put her life on a path of healthy living that also will make life much more enjoyable.

Obesity in a child starts with what the child eats.

A child who is obese could also be having thyroid gland problems, this will make the work more difficult. The calories that turn into fat and fat itself, come from somewhere, and that is in the food. Often, diets and diet foods do not help. Why? Because diet foods will tend to make your child hungrier rather than energize their body.

Instead of dictating all food choices, try a little bit more pleasant approach.

Let the child make a few of the choices about food. Take your child to the grocery store and let him or her choose from the fruits and vegetables. Does she prefer apples to oranges? Letting the child choose a favorite fruit will make the process much more enjoyable. Keep beverage choices to juice, milk or water. If the child has a wish for something sweet, a bowl of sweet juicy fruit gives them the much needed vitamins and minerals and satisfies their sweet tooth. Keep baked treats, ice cream, or sweet treats for special occasions and keep it controlled. These kinds of treats should not be a daily event. To keep meals interesting, make sure to vary the diet and help your child pick a variety of healthy foods to eat properly as a general goal every day.

Obesity in a child is not something that disappears overnight.

Eating properly is the first step. Getting plenty of exercise is the next step. Find a physical hobby your child likes, perhaps basketball or swimming, or tennis. Something that will help the child keep active. This will help them to become healthy and yet still enjoy the exercise they are getting. Join your child and both you and your child will be healthier and happier.

Obesity in a child can be serious.

It can cause or be caused by serious medical problems like thyroid dysfunction or diabetes. If your child is starting to show symptoms of obesity, have him or her checked by a doctor. The child’s doctor may also be able to help with approaches to helping your child lose weight.


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