Beware of Quick Fixes

By inspiresa | In Fitness Gold Coast, Health | on August 18, 2014

There are a lot of products on the market at the moment that you will see on television, internet or hear about on the radio. A lot of these wellness systems are sold by multilevel marketing companies or are singular products sold with great marketing.

These products claim to do a concoction of things and claim they can be used in various combinations for “nutritional cleansing,” detoxification, a supplementation to aid in weight loss, improve energy and performance, allegedly burns fat while supporting lean muscle, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, improve resistance to illness, reduce cravings and improve body composition just to name a few.

That sounds pretty good…… But is it real or is it a QUICK FIX.   ( That doesn’t fix !!)

Once you have taken the pills and had the shakes and starved your body of the nutrition that its needs to survive, you might find that you lose weight and become the size that you thought you wanted.

But what then….. are you healthy?. Are you fit?. Do you have heaps of energy? Are your internal organs still functioning in the best capacity?. I don’t think so.!!

And then what happens when you get back to a normal eating habit. Taking pills and shakes might be a QUICK FIX but it is not a longterm healthy life style that you can keep on with forever.

Your body needs a wide variety of food and exercise to function at its best capacity. Eating a well balanced diet with regular exercise has always been the best and long term way to ensure that your body gets what it needs for the long haul and not just for a few weeks.


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