Personal training is a wonderfully rewarding career! On the Gold Coast it especially seems to be a way of life, let’s face it, we have the best environment for exercise. So to become a personal trainer on the Gold Coast and become a successful one, how do you go about it…..?

First of all, find a fitness education provider that suits you and will provide you with the tools to be successful, not just give you a “piece of paper” at the end of it. One that will offer you ongoing mentoring, help you set up your own fitness business, has presenters that have been in the fitness industry for a long time and can provide an excellent course to career chance, just to name a few

You need to make sure this fitness education provider is fantastic value, face to face and not just somewhere that looks good and tells you all the right things to make you want to invest your money with them and then will deliver on their promises to you and will provide you with the right tools to make your new career a success. This can be done in ways such as having small classes to provide a more relaxed and easier to learn in environment, a hands on approach with loads of practical to make you ready for the real world of personal training or anything else which is of value to you

You need to have passion and drive to want to succeed in this industry and do whatever is necessary of you to get where you want to be. This, of course, is different for everybody

You need to believe that this industry is all about helping people and that your clients are paying you to help them achieve their goals, you need to build rapport with them, you do this by asking questions and genuinely listening to them and caring, be interested not interesting. Ask them about them, not talk about you!

Learn about sales and marketing, this industry is now, more so than ever, about being able to sell yourself to potential clients looking for someone to help them with their health and fitness. When you are deciding where to study certificate 3 and 4 in fitness on the Gold Coast, make sure your course provider offers sales, marketing and business advice to help kickstart your new career.

Learn and develop customer service skills. Personal Training is not a cheap service for people to pay for which means they expect more than just training. Who wants to pay a minimum of $50 for pain, sweat and the occasional tear? Nobody! They also want service, this means things like, filling up their drink bottle for them, opening the door for them, confirming their appointment for them and going the extra mile for them. This is what will set you apart from other personal trainers on the Gold Coast, not just your knowledge on how to train somebody or how much anatomy and physiology you can recite to them.

Have fun! Don’t take yourself too seriously, set goals for your business – how many new clients you would like in a week? How many people will you talk to today? How many new business will you introduce yourself to today? The list is endless, use goal setting for yourself and increasing your clientele, not just for your clients and become and expert at motivating yourself and others around you, this will help develop fantastic word of mouth and get you known as a leading professional in this wonderful industry!

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